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Serrapeptase 40000 Units


  • Serving Size: 1 capsule
  • 7 mg per serving
  • 60 servings per container

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  • Powerful systemic enzyme support backed by research
  • Optimized potency in a formula suitable for vegetarians
  • Promotes joint health, circulatory health, respiratory function and immune system health

“Serrazimes” Serratiopeptidase (Serrapeptase)  is a highly efficient proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzyme that is well studied over the years.

Studies show that it may have tremendous health-promoting potential with applications for joint health, circulatory support, respiratory function and immune defenses.

This formula delivers a powerful 40,000 units per capsule.

Serrapeptase 40000 Units Supplement Facts

Serrapeptase 40000 Units Facts

Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose (plant fiber), hypromellose (vegetarian capsule), maltodextrin, medium-chain triglycerides (from palm or coconut).

May contain tree nuts (coconut).

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one veggie capsule per day with water on an empty stomach at least two hours before or after a meal. For maximum benefit, take one veggie capsule two times per day.

WARNING: Do not use if you have a blood coagulation disorder and/or if you are taking any drug that affects blood coagulation such as prescription vitamin K, heparin or warfarin (coumadin). Consult your healthcare provider before use if you are taking prescription medication or if you are pregnant or nursing.

Serrazimes® is a registered trademark of Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Inc.


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