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Creatine 500 MG


  • Helps increase physical performance, muscle mass and strength
  • 200 servings

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Looking to boost your body weight and muscle mass? Look no further!

Creatine is an amino acid derivative naturally produced in the body in the liver. It’s then transported throughout the body to provide energy support for cells.

Scientific studies show that creatine supplementation supports increased muscle mass in all age groups and boosts athletic activity and muscle strength. It helps improve body composition and supports muscular performance.

Creatine has also been shown to support building body mass in non-exercising seniors.

Other benefits of creatine include:

  • Neurological and cognitive health
  • Helps support glucose, lipid, bone and homocysteine metabolism
  • Helps improve brain function
  • Treating neurological diseases
  • Increasing energy and reducing fatigue


Creatine – Supplement Facts

Creatine 500 MG Supplement Facts

  • Take two (2) capsules twice daily with water or juice, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.



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